Karen Rais Higgins

After receiving a B.S. from UNLV, Karen and her husband Mark moved to Colorado to own and operate her family restaurant for 17 years.  Once the restaurant sold, Karen and Mark moved to Puerto Penasco, Mexico as Christian Missionaries.  Karen had always loved animals, but her love for them grew in Mexico.

Mexico is a very difficult place to be an animal lover.  Through circumstances that could not have been predicted, Karen owned and operated a Dog Shelter with Mexican Nationals for over two years.  This is where Karen witnessed first hand the importance of socialization, exercise, and training with the dogs in her care.  It was a daily activity to have large play groups and pack walks of 20+ dogs off leash.  Through trial and error, Karen learned a great deal about dog behavior and how they operate best in a “Pack.”

After returning to the U.S., Karen was involved in helping rescue organizations in both Mexico and the U.S.  After a while, she realized that there was a complete disconnect.  Many dogs were being adopted, but were then returned due to behavioral issues, then adopted out again, only to be returned again, and the cycle continued. The behavioral issues in these dogs, many of them fairly serious, were not being addressed, and eventually there was not anywhere for these dogs to go and they would end up being euthanized.

Karen soon saw her passion shifting, and while rescue was still very important to her, she saw her passion to help dogs and their human families through training to live balanced and fulfilled lives together.  A dog should not be a stress or burden to a family, the dog should bring the family joy, peace, and laughter. Karen realized that through training, this is possible, even with the most serious issues.

Karen attended several seminars and took numerous classes about dog training and socialization.  She then bought a Dog Training Franchise in Phoenix, Arizona in October 2017.  For the last 1 ½ years she traveled to people’s homes all over the Phoenix valley to help people with their dog’s behavioral issues.  She found that through dog training, she built many relationships with both her human and dog clients, and she was asked to care for these dogs for daycare or boarding on numerous occasions.  Socialization soon became Karen’s passion, and it was not uncommon for Karen to have 15 – 25 dogs at her house for daycare and/or cage free boarding*.  The human clients loved it because they had found a place where their dogs could go to get the socialization that they so desperately needed.  Their dogs returned home exhausted and fulfilled and ready for more!

Karen and her husband got the opportunity to return to Gunnison, which they considered a huge blessing!  Karen decided to open Dog Cabin Resort in order to continue to pursue her passion – balanced and happy dogs and families through training and socialization.

Karen is a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, has a certificate of achievement for Leadership Based Dog Training through Always Faithful Dog Training and is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers

"I love taking Baloo to Dog Cabin Resort. He can be anxious without me, but Karen is kind and patient with him, and daycare has even helped with his anxiety. I love that he gets to run around and play with other dogs while I’m at work or traveling, and I always get an update at the end of the day."

- Rachel Miller

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