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Doggy Daycare is a popular alternative to leaving your dog home alone during the day as it provides the socialization and exercise that dogs need to be balanced and happy.  Doggy Daycare can prevent loneliness, separation anxiety, destruction and accidents.  You will be amazed when you come home from work and your dog is just as tired as you are, as they have been playing and exercising all day with their dog buddies.

Karen’s passion is socialization.  She often sees dog’s transform before her very eyes by being allowed to be a part of dog socialization.  Because people have had a bad experience at a dog park or their dog has acted aggressively on a leash or at a fence, people often believe their dog does not like other dogs and cannot be around them.  This is very often not the case at all.   Most dog’s flourish when allowed to be a part of “Pack Play.”  The key to Karen’s dog socialization is the fact that she is very experienced in dealing with packs of dogs and has done extensive studies on dog’s behavior, body language, and how they communicate with each other and us.  Karen’s experience is vital in properly socializing your dog resulting in a positive and life changing experience for your dog.  Our Doggie Daycare is much more than a traditional Doggie Daycare – it is a place where very experienced staff slowly socialize your dog according to what your dog is saying and what the other dog’s are saying.

Doggy Day Care Pricing
Half Day - $15.00 - up to 6 hours
Full Day - $25.00 - over 6 hours
Pre-Paid Packages
Buy 10 - get 1 Day for FREE
Buy 20 - Get 2 Days for FREE
Buy 30 - Get 3 Days for FREE
**Reservations Required**
Space is limited
Closed for doggie daycare and boarding until February 1st, 2021

Dog Cabin Resort is where your dog comes for their vacation and socialization.  Often times the hardest part of planning a vacation is trying to figure out what you are going to do with your fur baby.  Our goal is for your dog to be excited to come visit us every time they come to our facility, and though they will miss you, they will have a great time at the Dog Cabin Resort socializing and playing with all their dog buddies!  They will return home anxiety free and ready for some rest after their vacation.



    $35.00 for 24 hours

Daycare rates apply after 24 hours

Multiple pet discount

2nd dog is $30.00  3rd dog is $25.00.

**Reservations Required**

Limited Space

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806 Rio Grande

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Monday-Friday 7:30 am - 6 pm

Saturday 8 am - 5 pm

Sunday - Closed

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