Why does the time vary for grooming?
- Coat condition and behavior play a factor in the length of time your pet will be here for grooming.  Comfort and care for your dogs stress levels comes before vanity.  New pets who demonstrate extreme stress levels may be asked to go home and come back for a part two.  Owner may want to contact their veterinarian to discuss medications to help aid in the process of grooming or research non-prescribed alternatives for calming.
My dog doesn't get along with other dogs, do you think he will get along well with cage free boarding? 
- Maybe, that is why we require all dogs to attend ½ day of doggy daycare.  Sometimes people mistake their dog’s leash aggression or barrier aggression for their dog being anti-social and disliking other dogs.  Our specialty is dog socialization, and we take the socialization process slow while reading your dogs body language and signals they are giving to the other dogs.  Dogs are inherently very social and enjoy operating in a “pack.” It is very rare that a dog does not warm up to, and end up enjoying operating in a “pack.”   But…. that being said, there are times that a dog does not adjust and it would be best for your dog to stay in a facility that is more accommodating to their needs.
My dog sleeps in a kennel at night, can my dog sleep in a kennel in your facility?


- Yes, we have several kennels available in varying sizes.  We want your dog comfortable, while keeping up on the training and consistency that you have provided your dog.

Is your facility staffed at night?

- Yes, there is someone at Dog Cabin Resort 24/7 so your dog is never alone.

Should I bring my own dog food or does your facility provide dog food?


- We request that you bring your dogs’ food in a plastic container with a lid.  We feel it is better for your dog to continue to eat the food they are used to so they will not get an upset stomach or loose stool.  We label your dog’s food and put in your pet’s locker so you are assured your dog food will only be fed to your dog.  If you do not want to bring dog food, or forget, we will feed your dog the grain free, organic food that is our house brand at $2.00 per meal.

Can you give my dog medicine while he stays with you?

- Yes, again, please provide specific instructions and we will give your dog their medicine as directed by you.  Medication MUST be in original prescription bottle with your Veterinarians instructions.

Does my dog have to be vaccinated to stay at Log Cabin Resort?


- Yes, they are required to be current with the Rabies Vaccine, DHPP, and Bordatella.

Are there ever dog fights and do I need to worry about my dog getting hurt?


- While dog fights are very rare, just like in our human families, there can be scuffles in a dog “Pack.”  Our staff is highly trained in dog behavior and are trained to read dog body language, in order to prevent dog fights.  Most importantly, they are trained to see the signs of when something is about to happen, and stop it before it does happen.  Prevention is key!!  With that being said, sometimes dog fights do happen, and our staff is also trained in how to stop a dog fight as quickly as possible.

My dog came home with a scratch and/or bite. Is this normal?


- While our mission is to ensure the safety of every single dog in our care, Doggy Daycare and Cage Free Boarding are very similar to children’s daycare.  A child can catch a cold, fall down, scratch themselves on the playground – these are the realities of daycare with children or dogs.  Oftentimes, dogs play with their paws and teeth and occasionally they will leave bites or scratches.

My dog came home with a cough. Is this normal?


- We require that all dogs have received the Bordatella vaccine in order to prevent the spread of Kennel Cough.  Unfortunately, dogs can still get kennel cough after receiving the vaccine to prevent Kennel Cough as often times multiple viruses can contribute to the development of the illness.  Again, just like a child in daycare, if one child comes in with a cold, the rest of the children will probably get a cold.  Fortunately, Kennel Cough is not usually a serious illness and your dog should make a full recovery.  Kennel Cough is similar to a chest cold in humans.


***PLEASE, DO NOT, under any circumstances send your dog to daycare or boarding if they are coughing, sneezing, have diarrhea, vomiting, have warts, ticks or fleas.  All of the above can be highly contagious and can make the whole pack sick.

What if my dog gets sick or is hurt while at Dog Cabin Resort?


- Our staff is constantly evaluating all the dogs under our supervision.  While our staff is trained not to over react, we also feel we need to practice due diligence.  We will do the best we can to contact you concerning the present situation.  If we cannot contact you, and if we feel like your dog is not feeling well or is in need of vet care, we will immediately contact your vet.  If your vet is unavailable, and we feel like this is an emergency situation then we will contact an afterhours vet.  You will be responsible for the vet bill upon your return.

Can I bring my dogs toys and bed?


- Yes, you can, as long as you understand that they become group property and they might not be returned in the same condition, and might not be returned at all.

Do you give a multi-dog discount?


- Yes, on overnight boarding only.  Overnight cost is $35.00 per night.  2nd dog is $30.00, 3rd dog is $25.00. 

Can my dog come to daycare and/or cage free boarding if they are not neutered or spayed?


- We are not able to accommodate dogs over 6 months of age who have not been neutered/spayed.

Will I receive updates about my dog while I am on vacation?


- Yes, we will absolutely send you updates!

Why does grooming cost more than my haircut?
- You sit still for your haircut, dogs don't.....
- your hairstylist doesn't clean your butt and ears...….
- hopefully, you don't bite your hairstylist....
- I would be willing to bet that you don't pee or defecate on your hairstylist or on their tools....

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