What is Leadership           Training?

Dog's are inherently "Pack Animals."  This "Pack," needs a "Pack Leader."  We as "Pack Leaders," are required to provide several things for our dogs in order to obtain balance in our home.  We need to provide the basics such as food and water, we need to provide structure and discipline, we need to provide socialization, and we need to provide exercise according to the breed requirements.  If we do not provide our dogs with these things, our "Pack," will be out of balance and our home will be in chaos.  
Karen's training techniques are designed to teach you how to be the "Packleader," in your home.  This is vital, as you can do all the training in the world, and without your dog understanding you are the "Packleader," all your training will be in vain.  
The techniques are fairly simple, and are both fun and rewarding for you and your dog.  You will build a bond that is strengthened every time you train, go on a walk, or spend time together.  
Do not worry, alpha rolls are not required.

Does your dog need leadership training?

Ask yourself these questions.....
  • Do your dog's fight on a regular basis causing stress in your family?

  • Are you uncomfortable with your dog(s) around your child or children?

  • Is your dog shy and afraid of strangers, therefore, you cannot have people come to your home?

  • Is your dog aggressive with dogs or people?

  • Is your dog crazy and uncontrollable?

  • Does your dog resource guard?

  • Does your dog go nuts on a leash when running into people or other dogs?

  • Does your dog get aggressive when a person or dog comes to your home?

  • Would you like to re-home your dog as you are tired of dealing with the stress?

If you answered YES to any of these questions - leadership training is your answer.
Contact Karen to set up a free evaluation.  She will assess your situation and give you practical solution to your problem.


Private Lessons

Basic Obedience

5 Lessons - $350

Advanced Obedience

10 Lessons - $650

Boot Camp 

$75 per day

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