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Cage-Free Boarding

Please call 970-641-3691 to add your name to the waitlist.

A question we often get is, “What is cage free boarding?”

Our answer to that is we are not a traditional kennel. We try to mimic as closely as possible what your dog does at home. If your dog sleeps on the couch at home, they will do the same at Dog Cabin Resort. If they sleep in a kennel at home, they will do the same at Dog Cabin Resort. We ensure your dogs’ comfort by following their regular routine as closely as possible.


We have for your dogs’ maximum comfort:

  • 6 individual indoor cabinettes
  • Kennels
  • Coolaroos
  • Dog Beds
  • Blankets


Dog Cabin Resort is staffed 24/7. Your dog is never left unattended. The stress of being away from you overnight is greatly reduced by having a person sleeping with the dogs.

During the day your dog is out in daycare all day, running around playing and having a great time.


Play and Stay Boarding

$45 per 24 hour time period

The price is for a 24 hour time period. Daycare rates apply on the day of check out if check out time is past the check in time.

Boarding Requirements

  • We require a mini day of daycare before boarding reservations will be accepted.
  • All boarding dogs must arrive before 2 pm on the day of arrival.
  • Please bring food and anything else that might make your dog feel more comfortable for their stay.
  • Vaccines: DHPP, Bordatella, Rabies
  • All dogs over six months must be spayed or neutered.

Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare is a popular alternative for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and dispositions. It helps with fulfilling your dogs’ lofty exercise needs, loneliness, separation anxiety, destruction and accidents.

Whether your dog needs lots of exercise, or needs to be socialized with other dogs – our daycare program fits just about every dog.

Dog Cabin has 3 separate outdoor yards and 2 separate indoor yards. We staff one person per 15 dogs. Our #1 priority is keeping your dog safe and happy. 


One Choice of:
Mini Day

(up to 4 hours) – $18

Half Day
(4-6 hours) – $23

Full Day
(Over 6 hours) – $28

Reservations Required
No same day reservations

Pre-Paid Packages:

Mini Day Package Up to 4 Hours
10 mini days = $180

Half PackageUp to 6 Hours
15 half days = $345
(2 1/2 days FREE)
30 half days = $690
(4 1/2 days FREE)
Full Package – Over 6 Hours
15 full days = $420
(2 full days FREE)
30 full days $840
(4 full days FREE)


Experienced, Certified Groomers

  • Extensive experience in dealing with dogs in both grooming and non grooming situations
  • Easy in and out – no difficult parking issues
  • Timely appointments – your appointment is just that, your appointment. Each groomer concentrates on your dog during their appointment time.


Grooming includes: bath, nails, ears, glands and brushing teeth. De-shed or haircut, depending on what your dog requires. Nail trims with dremeling upon request.


We have a variety of shampoo products available for each individual dogs needs including de-shedding shampoo, hypoallergenic shampoo, medicated, conditioning, flea and tick and odor neutralizing. We can also help with the dreaded skunk spray.

Canine Good Citizen Training
  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Sit/Stay
  • Down
  • Down/Stay
  • Come
  • Place
  • With Distractions

 ***Canine Good Citizen Testing is available

Off Leash Training with an E-collar
Behavioral Issue Training

Winter Training

We will be doing private training through the winter which includes twice monthly group distraction training  and CGC and CGCA testing.

All training includes a one on one evaluation with a trainer and your pup.  Call to schedule today.

$450 for 10 sessions (two sessions testing)

Perfect for the pup who really wants to do some serious training.  We will work towards Canine Good Citizen Training, Canine Good Citizen Advanced Training, and off leash E-Collar training.  

This training will not only help your pup become a Canine Good Citizen, but will help them become a super star in public and help with behavioral issues.  

$250 for 5 sessions (one session testing)

This is the perfect for the pup who wants to learn the basics.  This will include walking like a pro on a leash, sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay, come.  All of the above with distractions.

$175 for 3 sessions

This is for the pup who already knows several of the basic commands, but needs some help in a certain area of training.  

$75 for 1 session

This is a great option to take care of one specific problem.  For instance, you would love to walk your dog without being pulled down the street or having to avoid every distraction in the neighborhood because of your dogs’ poor leash manners.  We can help!!

Private training includes twice monthly group distraction training  and CGC and CGCA testing.

CGC and CGCA Testing Only (no training needed) – $50


Casandra Naugle | Carrie Reinike | Cierra Abbott
Pick-up & Drop-off

At Dog Cabin Resort we understand how busy and hectic our lives can be. We want to help, therefore, we offer Pick Up and Drop Off service for our Doggy Daycare, Boarding, and Grooming Clients.


This is a $5 service for our clients who live within the city limits. It costs $3.00 per mile for those clients located outside the city limits. Please contact us 24 hours ahead to make your reservation. Limited Space Available